Mini Retro String Shopping Bags

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Are you a shopper who tries to be extra eco-friendly in every way you can? If so, our mini organic cotton string retro shopping bag is a great green gift to yourself or to others!  

With a choice of five striking colours to choose from, you can go green and be seen! You can choose to have your personalised bag in a mustard, sage green, air force blue, rust orange  or our new light grey, each with co-ordinating thread colours that your chosen pharse will be embroidered in. The reusable bag can be used for each and every occasion you could think of, as a beach bag, a stylish shopping bag, a fantastic fruit and veg bag for your trip to the shop, the list goes on! 

The organic cotton bag would make an excellent eco-friendly gift, whether as a personalised Christmas gift, a birthday gift or just because! The string shopping is super versatile as due to the way in which it is made, stretches in each and every direction!

Please see photo to compare size to our full size string bags!