Constellation Make-Up Bag

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Embroidered constellation navy make-up bag.This make-up bag is brilliant for travel, these makeup pouches can not only be filled with cosmetics but can serve as an everyday bag for your headphones, mobile phone, sunglasses, and keys, sure to become a must-have piece for your handbag. Each star is embroidered in metallic thread to give it that extra sparkle! The colour of the lines represents the star signs lucky colour. 


-Multi-purpose use
-Vintage style metal zip.
-Size is approx. 18 x 19 x 9 cm
-Embroidered with chosen star sign
-Colour: Navy
-Embroidery: Metallic silver stars, with coloured thread related to your star sign
- 100% Brushed cotton canvas 407gsm 


Aquarius ➡️ Jan 21st - Feb 19th (lucky colour - light blue)
Pisces ➡️ Feb 20th - March 20th (lucky colour - sea green)
Aries ➡️ March 21st - April 20th (lucky colour - red)
Taurus ➡️ April 21st - May 21st (lucky colour - pink)
Gemini ➡️ May 22nd - June 21st (lucky colour - yellow)
Cancer ➡️ June 22nd - July 22nd (lucky colour - white)
Leo ➡️ July 23rd - Aug 22nd (lucky colour - orange)
Virgo ➡️ Aug 23rd - Sept 23rd (lucky colour - green)
Libra ➡️ Sept 24th - Oct 23rd (lucky colour - light pink)
Scorpio ➡️ Oct 24th - Nov 22nd (lucky colour - red)
Sagittarius ➡️ Nov 23rd - Dec 21st (lucky colour - turquoise)
Capricorn ➡️ Dec 22nd - Jan 20th (lucky colour - purple)

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